Should The Electoral College Be Abolished Research Paper

2 min readJan 12, 2021

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. . . Why the Electoral College Should Be Abolished and Replaced With the Direct Election Voting System 11–24–2004 Ever since its creation at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. the Electoral College has been the most widely debated aspect in the Constitution. There have been over 700 proposed constitutional amendments aimed at fixing or abolishing this process.

The Electoral College is obsolete and should be abolished in American politics. Do you agree Justify your answer However. it is a time-tested success. another testament to the forward thinking of the creators of the Electoral College system of voting for President. the Founding Fathers.

Electoral College Research Paper — Centennial Highschool — Essay 500 words — 2 pages Austin Cruz Per 2 March 3 Electoral College The electoral college has been apart of the American voting system for many years now. But as of recently there has been a discussion going around arguing if the electoral college is fair or not.

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I believe that the Electoral College should be abolished and a direct election of the President and Vice President of the United States by popular vote should be established. The current Electoral College System is unfair for several reasons.

The Electoral College Should Be Abolished Every 4 years. our country makes an incredibly important decision. We vote for the person who will represent the US in all domestic and international affairs; The President. Currently. we have many troops in Iraq fighting to …

In conclusion the Electoral College discriminates. violates democratic principles. and is ultimately unfair. The Electoral College should be abolished to become an equal election. Did you like this example? Having doubts about how to write your paper correctly?

Despite the shortcomings and limitations of the Electoral College I believe that it should not be abolished because it contributes to the cohesiveness of the country. it maintains a federal system of government. and it maintains the interests of minority groups. To begin with. I will discuss how the Electoral College works.

The electoral college should remain in place for the USA Presidential elections because the Founding Fathers wrote it into the Constitution to ensure its survival. without having the electoral college it would undermine the Federal election system. and Presidential nominees would only care about the big cities and states. Get Help With Your Essay